Sunday Quiz: Which Sweet Treat are You?


The Official Stardoll Blog

Are you a chocoholic, or do you prefer munching on a slice of fruit? Whether you’re sugar crazed like the cookie monster or prefer a bite now and then, it’s time to find out which sweet treat you are!

1. Which colors do you prefer?

a) Pretty pastels

b) Classic combinations

c) Patterns and bright colors

2. Pick a profession!

a) Pastry chef or interior designer

b) Writer or architect

c) Travel journalist or athlete

3. How would you describe your sense of fashion?

a) Pretty, girly

b) Classy, feminine

c) Mixed, colorful

4. You want a snack, so you reach for…

a) A pretty napkin and plate

b) The fridge

c) A knife and cutting board

5. Pick a dress style!

a) Floral print, knee length

b) Little black designer dress

c) Flowing, printed maxi

6. Where would you choose to relax?

a) My garden

b) A chic restaurant

c) A sandy beach

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