Taeyang Is Releasing New Solo Song and MV (woohooo!)

Taeyang is the new face of LC500h for Lexus Korea and will be releasing a self-composed song for promotions.

Lexus Korea has chosen Taeyang as the newest ambassador for their brand and his first task as ambassador was to compose a song for the new LC500h.

“Taeyang shows his true music taste and personality and this goes hand in hand with our new car, the LC. He matched what we were looking for with our new car and that is why we chose to collaborate with him.”

— Lexus

The teaser for the song, “So Good” will be released on March 30 to coincide with Taeyang’s appearance at the Seoul Sports Show. The full song and music video will come out in May. Fans are excited to finally hear new music from Taeyang as BIGBANG‘s promotions will be on hold until T.O.P completes his military service.

The beautiful hybrid car will also be making an appearance in the upcoming Black Panther movie that was being filmed in Busan earlier this month.

(published : 1 hour ago)

Source: MBN

cr. koreaboo.com

❤ nandasalsabilaf


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